VGUN S400 450KG

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VGUN S400 450KG

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Caulking, glue and silicone gun adaptable on cordless screwdriver, with battery under the handle (all battery sizes), for sausage cartridges from 300ml to 400ml, and standard cartridges diameter 50 mm – 310 ml.
Materials used:

  • Polyamide high impact modified and reinforced with glass fibre for higher resistance.
  • Metallic reinforcement back and lateral for high rigidity.
  • Steel gears.
  • Weight: 820 gr

Push: 450 Kg.
Torque maxi: 15 N.m (132
Speed rotation maxi: 400 rev / min
Advance speed of the piston: 1mm/rev

  • Extrusion from the cartridge when cordless screwdriver set to screwing position.
  • Drip-stop and cartridge replacement when cordless screwdriver set to unscrewing position.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap locks the gun on battery of cordless screwdriver.


  • No effort for the user to extrude adhesive or silicone.
  • The output of the extruded product flow is constant.
  • High extrusion speed.
  • Folds and stores easily in a tool box

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