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Yes for sure if your drill has its batterie under its handle. Any size of battery accepted

It may break VGUN and cartridge. Please be advise to follow IFU

Easy : Simply reverse the rotation direction of the drill and press the speed variator in order to remove the stress in the cartridge

No because this kind of drills have no battery under the handle and you can not stop the rotation of the adaptor.
Warning : this may cause you injuries. Please refer to IFU
Moreover such a drill has no torque limitator. This will definitively cause big troubles to the adaptor which is not made to be driven too high speed.

You must choose the adaptor dedicated to the kind of cartridge you use « See products ».

Please check that there is a large enough hole at the end of the cartridge. Don’t hesitate to adjust its size
Please also check that your drill is going in the right way and that material is not too dry